Emotional Intelligence Test
146 questions, 45 min.
86.  In most disagreements I:
Compromise and meet the other person halfway.
Strive for a win, but compromise if I can't.
Refuse to give in until the other person sees or does things my way.
Give in and let the other person have what he/she wants.
87.  In general, my performance evaluations tend to...
turn out exactly as I expect them to. I know precisely what I bring to a company and, at the same time, the areas I need to work on.
go mostly as expected, with a few unexpected comments, either positive or negative.
leave me surprised - I end up receiving much better reviews than I expected.
leave me surprised - I end up receiving much more negative reviews than I expected.
88.  When assessing how I feel emotionally about a situation or a person, I:
Focus on whatever feels wrong and ignore the positive emotions.
Focus on the positive and try to ignore the negative emotions.
Allow myself to feel through both the positive and negative emotions.
Suppress my emotions and try to look at it strictly rationally.
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